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Core Values

Our mission is to return patient’s to lives of productivity and meaning in what are often very difficult and complex circumstances.  Our specific and unique patient population has traditionally been underserved and many would fall through the cracks of our current post-acute care system if we did not offer our programs and services.  Our work is to make even small progress towards this goal each and every day, and demonstrate this mission to the patients and families we serve. 

Nexus Health Systems Core “Family” Values

“GOPTIC” (n. or adj.) \gōp-tic\ :         What it means to be a “Nexan”

Genuine: Say what you mean, do what you say. This is important to ensure we operate with integrity and build trust amongst our team  

Ownership: Take personal responsibility for your actions and the company’s resources. We all make mistakes and/or do something great…own it! Celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes.  We must also take ownership for the resources around us and treat our Nexus home and family as if it were our own.

Positive: See the good and approach situations with a positive attitude. We hope this goal is simple and self-explanatory.  We spend too much time at work to foster or create a negative atmosphere.  Even difficult situations can be approached in a positive manner, which will ultimately lead to a better outcome for all

Teamwork: Help each other freely; One Team, One Touch! We all have to work together to complete our mission and we encourage you to seek assistance from others

Innovation: Seek ways to work smarterIn today’s environment it is important for us to constantly think of how we can do our work better than the day before.  We encourage you to recommend new and innovative ways for us to complete our mission

Compassion: The patients always come first In all we do, know our mission begins and ends with the patient and always helps guide our decisions as a company